The Brewery

The Flat Rock Brew Café is home to a working ‘nano-brewery’ where we produce small batches of up to 200 litres to serve at our venue.

  • The brew house itself, is located downstairs of the café and consists of a 200L Braumeister system. German made, it provides efficiency in the brewing process and was selected due to its compact design. As well as the brew house, the brewery hardware includes three fermenters and a bright beer tank.

    We package our beer in English made casks or stainless steel kegs, depending on the style of beer we make. Some of our beer is also canned so our customers can enjoy at home.

    Our authentic English ales differentiate us, made from historic recipes gathered from the records of some very old English breweries and served in the traditional way through the hand pump in pints or half pints.

  • Cask Ale....

    Flat Rock produce cask conditioned ale and serve it through our hand pumps. This makes us quite unique as not many venues serve beer this way, and as a result, there are not many breweries that package their beer in casks. Being a brewpub, we can ensure the beer is served fresh and as it should be under our own roof. Under the specifications set by CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale), the beer we produce to go into our casks are truly 'real ale'. Our English bitter is highly regarded and served on hand pump in the traditional way, it really is a genuine ale drinking experience. We often have other seasonal real ale brews on our second hand pump, from stouts to ESB’s.

  • Keg Beer....

    We also package some styles of our beer in pressurised kegs - one of the advantages of such a small scale brewery is that it allows for some experimentation in trying different beers styles. We have brewed from German Hefeweizen to West Coast IPA's - always welcoming the challenges that come with brewing beers to different specifications. Depending on the style of beer we brew, we source authentic ingredients to ensure the style has the appropriate character. Whilst we don’t submit our beers in competition anymore, we have in the past received medals from both the Australian International Beer Awards and the Craft Beer Industry Association.

  • Barrel Aged....

    An interesting side project we have in place is our Barrel Aging Program. In our cellar area, you can sit and have a beer in the presence of six 100L whisky barrels from Lark Distillery, and a 200L chardonnay barrel sourced from the Hunter Valley. The purpose of our Barrel Aging Program is to explore interesting experimental styles and introduce them to you. Beer is aged in the barrels to introduce a variety of flavours to the beer from the microflora in the wood staves. The resultant sour beer is an increasingly popular style that has origins in the Pajottenland region of Belgium.

  • Book a function at Flat Rock

    Our venue has a function room for private events such as birthdays, class parent get togethers or meetings. Layout can be arranged as appropriate for the function and can accomodate up to forty guests. Our Barrel Aging Room provides a unique experience for a smaller group of up to twelve guests. If food is required for a function, we have a special finger food and shared platter menu. Your special event could also include a beer tasting and brewery tour. Any enquires should be directed to

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When you are next in the Flat Rock Brew Café, and if you are interested in seeing the brewery, please see one of the staff who will arrange for a tour.

our process

Sustainability - Love our planet

Minimising our environmental footprint and being engaged in the community are important to us. We have a proactive sustainability program and are engaged with the Better Business Partnership.


  • We crush all glass to ensure less contamination and more successful recycling results
  • All cardboard, soft plastics, hard plastics and metals are segregated and recycled
  • All General Waste is processed through Doyle Bros Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and turned into what is known as Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF).


All the spent grain left over from our brewing process is used with the environment in mind.

  • Compost to local gardeners
  • To breed black soldier fly larvae to feed the fish in the aquaponic tanks at the coal loader centre for sustainability
  • Chicken feed


We are 100% single use plastic free and we have pledged to the Bye Bye Plastic initiative to ensure we are not responsible for the use of single use plastic that can end up polluting our environment


In order to keep our cooking oil fresh, we regularly change the oil in our deep fryer, and rather than this be wasted, it is collected by Oilright. Used cooking oil can be refined into different types of biofuels used for power generation and heating.

Why Choose Us


  • Small English Pub Atmosphere

  • Family Friendly

  • Knowledgeable & Friendly Staff

  • Great Pub Food & Service

  • Large Groups are welcome

  • Come alone chat to our bar staff while enjoying a beer

  • Small Batch Brewery on Site

  • Dog Friendly

Client Stories


"Awesome knowledgeable staff Great beers selections Yumo food 👍🍺💯"

Adam Coyle

"Great local craft beer bar with a cosy pub style atmosphere. Best steaks on the North Shore. Well worth a visit."

Pauline Forster

"Trivia and bartender made it memorable experience!! Good selection · Knowledgeable staff"

Robert Elkins

"Loved the place, tried several beers I'd not had before, they were good, also shared some food with my wife and son, great time, we will definitely return"

Stephen Jones

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